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Located in a centenary building at the center of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Foot District is a store which leads their customers to an architectonic dream. History, geometry, symbolism and design cover every inch of the store so that sport shoes and street clothes are seen under a new light which shows its own artistic way and transforms fashion in a kind of alchemy in the eyes of the modern world.

The space was renewed keeping historical elements and the charm of past centuries, but incorporating the most advanced technology. There, under the Gothic arches, before entering an open patio which fills the store with light, there is a giant cube made of glass. Inside the walls of the glass cube, there are different models of sports shoes to be seen.

Upon entering the glass cube, the customer finds a unique experience. The customer can choose a sports shoe from the wall and place it on a shelf with a footprint painted on it and the label «Place here». PDLC i-ON by Pujol glass makes the walls of the cube turn opaque so that the customer can reveal a very interesting shopping experience.

i-ON by Pujol is the most advanced technological glass, developed by Pujol for architectural use. It provides the best transparency or total privacy, and it also adapts easily to any control system.

Laminators: Baix Germans

Solution: PDLC from i-ON by Pujol and Evalam Visual

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