Evalam has developed a polymer which enhances the standard qualities of EVA and places an AB-AR film as the interlayer, given that it shows the best mechanical resistance results in the market, better than ionoplasts, mostly in post-breakage stability states over 50ºC. It is applied to glazed ceilings on large commercial areas too, as well as airports, public glazed spaces or places where these temperatures are normal for long yearly periods.


AB-AR stands out for various reasons:


Its performance upon breakage
Once both glasses are broken, even if they are tempered, the composition does not lose its rigidity.


Resistance to avalanches
The breakage of one or more components does not affect the structure of the laminated glass structure, so the lives of those standing nearby are protected. The unique features of AB-AR make the glass keep stable even in the case of a human stampede, according to regulations detailed by the CTE (Technical Code for Construction, in Spanish).


It does not require air conditioning for its maintenance
This is the only film which does not require special temperature or humidity regulation conditions, neither in storage nor during its processing.


It is a technical solution 50 % lighter than compositions including only glass, and with the same resistance.


Extra safety
Ideal for structural solutions of every kind on glazed façades, structural windbreakers, staircases, ceilings or handrails, as well as for anti-vandalism security applications.


UV filtering
Thanks to the AB-AR lamination with Evalam, the composition succeeds to provide UV filtering and protects goods and people standing behind it.


Better performance at temperatures over 50ºC
Once the Tq of the ionomers is exceeded, they lose their resistant properties and their characteristic rigidity. AB-AR resists loads up to 200 kg.

Temperature resistance test:

Post breakage at 50ºC

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