These are the main benefits of the PDLC offered by i-ON by Pujol:


While in resting mode, PDLC is a material that turns the glass opaque to grant privacy. When the glass is activated with electricity, an excellent level of transparency can be enjoyed.

Acoustic insulation

The great sound insulation obtained by combination with Evalam lamination turns the PDLC laminated glass from i-ON by Pujol into the most appropriate solution for hotels, housing and offices.

Thermal insulation

Glass laminated with film by i-ON by Pujol improves thermal comfort and grants an adequate environment regardless of the season of the year.

Exterior use

Laminated PDLC from i-ON by Pujol complies with every applicable regulation according to ECC law on glazing construction in exterior and interior spaces.


Thanks to the PDLC from i-ON by Pujol, designers, architects, glass makers and programmers can develop new creative projects aimed to different actions, ranging from sales to an improvement in life quality or comfort.


Independent laboratories certify more than 100,000 on/off cycles for this kind of glass, and thus guarantee a long lifespan for the product.


Its low power consumption turns PDLC from i-ON by Pujol into a sustainable product with a low environmental impact.

Integration with automated systems

The glass can be fully integrated into automated systems and connected to movement sensors, phones, tablets, etc. This makes for an easy adaptation to the necessities and lifestyle of each user.

These are the main applications of the PDLC offered by i-ON by Pujol:


PDLC’s versatility makes it a product suitable to be installed in stores. Window displays turn into advertising campaigns running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Hospitality industry

Hotels, hospitality and wellness spaces make use of the benefits of PDLC to separate different environments without giving up on natural light and providing their clients a plus of exclusiveness. They also provide privacy in places where confidentiality and peacefulness are supposed to be at core, such as private rooms, VIP areas, saunas, pools or massage rooms.


It offers privacy and eliminates the need to install blinds or curtains on windows. It can also be applied to shower screens or glass walls.


PDLC applied to bathroom glass walls provides instant privacy and makes the spaces look wider when in transparent mode. This material shows a high resistance to humidity and prevents delamination, so it is a perfect product for this kind of project.


Using PDLC on windows and walls improves the learning environment. It provides the student with cozy and open spaces where they can develop all their abilities. Also, a very luminous classroom can be turned into a projection room to perform educational activities.

Health services

The use of PDLC makes curtains, blinds and roller blinds unnecessary, and thus, hygiene inside the rooms improves significantly. All the alternatives are sources of infection because their surfaces can accumulate virus and bacteria in great quantities. Glass is much easier to clean and thus, prevents the possibility of infections. This is the ideal option for intensive care units, newborn rooms, operating rooms or emergency areas.


It makes it possible to design dynamic window displays on which advertisements can be projected. Also, due to its high resistance, it can be used to make temporary architecture or projects on the street.


Our PDLC can be laminated to make separating glass walls, separate offices or meeting rooms, providing full privacy to the people inside. It also offers a modern look, both sober and fashionable, to the projects there developed.


The liquid glass molecules align and allow the passage of light.


The liquid glass molecules distribute randomly, disperse the light and turn the glass opaque.

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