• Curved glass which provides more safety thanks to it being tempered.

  • Reduced structural and hardware costs, for example, for pools.

  • Improved flexural strength which allows its use in light shelters.

  • High scratch resistance due to the chemical modification in its composition. This grants it greater hardness.

  • It provides extra safety against breakage and transparency to façades and windows.

  • It provides high flexural resistance, due to improvements in its mechanical properties. It can better absorb tensions produced by permanent and variable loads projected on it. It makes it possible to make handrails with a reduced structure.

  • It allows to make store or display windows with it, due to the enhanced safety granted by the improvements in its mechanical properties.

  • Perfect transparency, without waves that cause optical distortions nor any possible anisotropy appearing in the glass after its installation.

  • Reduced cost of the laminated glass due to its perfect planimetry. This minimizes the number of EVA layers to be laid, as well as the thickness of glass to be used.

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